Privacy focused enterprise solution

With great business comes great responsibility. Take control and be proactive to stay healthy and productive.

Safety First

Technologically drive social distancing at workplace without any manual intervention

Visualize risks

Analyze and Isolate infected individual early to avoid breakout and shutdown.

No new hardware

No deployment cost on additional hardware, such as bluetooth beacons or Wifi. 

Privacy shield

Anonymous by design. Your enterprise and employee data are anonymized and secure.

You'll be in good company, we are backed by great minds.

How it works

1. Enterprise Onboarding
Organisation gets onboarded on NOTCH platform. It invites its people to install the app.

2.Enable Social Distancing at workplaceApp works in background seamlessly and detects if people are breaching social distancing norms. Phone vibrates with alert if distance is breached

3.Monitoring at Enterprise levelCompany sees useful data and take measures to ensure safety of the workplace right from the dashboard. Data and privacy is insured

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Best accuracy in class

Notch is powered by Trillbit's patented data over sound technology. Our technology is combination of “data over sound” and bluetooth, which outperforms any current contact tracing solutions that are based on only bluetooth or Wifi.

We quite accurately estimate distance between two people through their devices and safeguard them breaching social distancing norms (< 2 meters).

Avoid false exposure alerts and track accurately.

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Prevent new shutdowns

By driving social distancing norms and isolating  covid incidents early to avoid further shutdowns

Drive Social Distancing

Enforce social distancing with right technology and automation, warning signals to maintain appropriate distance

Robust early warning system

Send pre-exposure notifications, and isolate early based on extensive contact history tree and daily check-ins. Track covid incidents and take appropriate actions fast.

Act early and track accurately

BLE and location based solutions are not accurate enough  to avoid false events. Our solution track exposure precisely so that you can quickly contact the right people.

High accuracy

Other solutions based on wi-fi or BLE works on approximation, we track exposure with sub-meter level perfection using ultrasonic waves. Avoid wrong exposure alerts and track accurately.

Automated contact tracing

When you are dealing with hundreds and thousands of employees, you do not want to take chances on manual monitoring or intervention. Track the disease while caring.

Designed for privacy and enterprises

Using the best practice of European data standards Notch has in-built the highest standards for security, privacy, and reliability.  

Employees privacy

We know employees do not want to be continuously tracked, so we do not collect any personal identification data. Company gets access to data in a very anonymised format.

Data Security

Data of an enterprise belongs to that enterprise only. With right role access and through right encryption mechanisms, we safeguard your enterprise data.

Case study: GetLook

  • 98%
    Social Distancing adherence as compared to 45% previously
  • 100K+
    Customer Job assignment based on Notch daily report
  • 300+
    Risk profiling decision based on Notch reccomendation
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Frequently Asked Questions

How “data over sound” and bluetooth combination provides a better solution ?

Bluetooth or Wifi-based solutions can not provide good approximation of distance between two people unless a significant amount of cost is incurred by enterprises in deploying additional bluetooth beacons and Wifi access points. We understand that Covid has already severely impacted the business and now asking businesses to incur additional cost is not economic for them. And that's why we believe empowering them our platform that is more cost efficient and effective than any other technology platform.

How do you ensure employee data privacy?

We do not collect any personal data through our app or other services. We assign a random ID to a device and through that track or monitor the device owner’s contact history. Unless an employee self-reports its case of Covid-positive, even his/her company does not get any person identifiable data.

What I need to do on the app to maintain social distancing?

Our app is developed in such a way that it automatically in a regular interval of 1 min, scans your proximity to identify any other contact’s presence at the workplace. If any such presence is established through our app then it stores data like time duration and distance of exposure and based on WHO recommended model, evaluate your risk of exposure. If exposure is risky, then trigger the right mechanism to let you know that you take appropriate steps to reduce risk.

What if I kill the app?

We developed the app that enables operating it in the background without compromising the battery of your mobile devices. However, due to certain constraints put by Android and Apple, the effectiveness of the solution may reduce so, it is advisable that you keep the app either in open or minimized state.

Are you GDPR compliant ?

Yes we are fully GDPR compliant. Infact with a visitor management system, your visitors’ personal data is handled electronically, similar to how information collected online is processed and managed. This makes the entire process more private and secure. It also enables you to comply with all the articles under the GDPR specified above such as data recoverability, limited storage, etc.

What type of permissions I have to give on the app?

GPS:  We take GPS location access to automate proximity scanning process based on your GPS location. We ensure that this location data we access approximately during your working time and not otherwise.2. Microphone: We take  microphone permission for our data over sound technology to work. Our platform is built in a way that we do not record or store any audible data or conversation.3. Bluetooth: We take bluetooth connection access to make our solution more robust and battery-efficient.

Can I blindly rely on NOTCH for my safety against Covid?

The platform is designed only for the workplaces and monitors contact tracing among employees. You have to understand that there is a significant exposure of Covid outside of work locations as well. That’s why we rely on self-reporting of any covid-positive case by an individual employee to make a robust warning system and help companies to contain the outbreak.

What is the pricing of the solution?

Drop us a short mail and our team will be happy to discuss it further. Write to

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Notch makes your reopening safer and prevents shutdowns.
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